May 9, 2008

Don't pass up a bargain when.... can alter it a little and achieve big results.

I went to a yardsale and bought a pillow for $2. This pillow would match a room I'm working on that will serve as a tv room/library. The colors in this room are sands, browns, and antique golds. This pillow would fit in there perfectly except for this tassle fringe looking a hot mess! (giggle giggle)

With the ever-altering mind I have, I decided the pillow fabric was too nice to pass up dispite this awful fringe! So, what did I do to get this result? All I did was cut all the hanging fringe off. It was a huge mess of little strings and took me about 20 minutes to get it all cut and pulled off, but the end result is this great pillow that I can include in my room and be happy that I paid 2 bucks for!! TFL :)

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1 comment:

candygirltwo said...

Awesome idea. I knew you would think of something. Way to go.