May 9, 2008


This chair is a few years old now, but I wanted to share it, since the only place I have it online is a bit buried.

There are millions of chairs out there that need some loving and paint! This chair I painted red and then cut pieces of fabric to attach to the back rails. I made a patchwork cushion out of fabric that I cut up from clothes. I actually bought quite a few children's clothes from yard sales to do this. The tan curduroy I hunted all day for and found it at the last yard sale! Paid $1, for it. They were a pair of men's trousers. (I ended up getting a curtain making gig that paid me nicely by stopping at that yard sale.)

There are countless things you can do to an old chair, it seems the cheaper you buy them for, the more fun you have decorating them!!

It's a little bright, but I love this chair!
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candygirltwo said...

Way funky. I love what you did to the chair. You're amazing

Stampin' Meg said...

Scatty-You are just ridiculously creative-- a pair of pants converted into a chair cover-WOW!