May 29, 2008

Bring a new Hat new Life!

So I bought this cute pink cowboy hat! It's made of straw and ribbon, but when I put it on, despite being cute, it looked like something was missing. Don't you agree?

I got some floss and I stitched on a string of wood chain I bought in the Bead section at Michaels. I really like beads, make jewelry, and I'm always on the look out for something cool that isn't expensive. Well this is two strings of this wood chain since one wasn't long enough to go around the hat. I stitched once on every other link, alternating from the bottom to the top. See my little brown stitches?

The end result is a hat that no longer looks naked!! Fun huh?

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The quick way to cover a light switch plate

(My post from Outta This Funk)

I've covered a few light switch plates in my time, (you may have seen mention and a photo in an earlier post) but there is an even easier way than Mod-Podge. Yep, I'm calling Mod-Podge the hard way because it requires a brush and waiting for layers to dry.

I took my plain white light switch plate off the wall and sprayed the front of it with adhesive.
Then I placed it face down onto patterned paper.

I clipped the paper at the corners and encouraged it to wrap around the plate, sticking to my sprayed edges. This corner is near enough cut in a square, allowing the piece to cover the corner to be separate from the sides.

Then I clipped the excess that stood proud from the edge of the plate on just the corner piece.
Then I used packing tape to attach the folded sides over to the back of the plate. Packing tape is stronger than scotch tape. (although my packing tape is scotch brand :)

Then I used a craft knife to cut an X through the middle.

And I taped the tiny triangles to the back of the plate.

Then I took it outside and gave it a couple layers of acrylic spray finish. Waiting between each layer for the recommended few minutes.

Then I used a retracted ball point pen to lightly push the paper into the screw holes without breaking the paper. And I put it back up!! The whole thing took me about 40 minutes, and that's waiting for the layers of finish to dry. It was sure a lot quicker than trying to get a smooth finish with Mod-Podge. (Which by the way is very handy to have around!!!)

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May 16, 2008

Making Dead Space Alive!

I've got a walk in closet that is a good size, but not big enough to throw your arms out and spin around. (I know I don't need to do that, but I think there is a commercial where a lady does that in her dress and high heels.) Anyway... The bedroom door opens to cover the closet door. And the closet door (here in this picture) stays open all of the time, with no usefulness. We never want or need to shut it.

So... I took it off! (with a plan of coarse)

I often sing the praises of the dollar store, but this time I was actually a dollar store snob. I had this great idea to put hooks on the wall where my door used to cover so that I could hang my belts, hats, and scarves. I didn't have much money, so I stopped at the Dollar store before I went looking at HomeDepot for hook things.
I found these plastic ones, and wouldn't even consider them and kept looking for something stronger and hopefully metal.

Then my husband called me. I told him where I was and that I could only find the cheap plastic adhesive things, and they weren't good enough! He replied that I didn't need anything special to hang my belts on and to stop being silly and buy them. I was like... "but they're plastic!" (I'm really not keen on plastic. Acrylic and resin, not so bad, but plastic and I aren't great friends.)

He was right, I didn't need anything special, and look how many I would get for my ONE Dollar!
So I bought the cheap things. (I do sound like a Dollar store snob! And you know, I love that place!)

So, here's where I sum this up and tell you what I did. I drilled tiny holes into the tops of the plastic hangers to fit these lovely little nails I bought for about $1.5o at the hardware store.

I sprayed some wood scraps white that I cut to fit the length of the space. These are like frame molding, but I got a bundle of it at a Yard Sale for $5, so I use it, and don't care that it has a shape. (Some of you will remember my Wall Album. I used this on that too. I will post that project on my blog soon.)

Then I took off the adhesive backing and attached these hooks at the appropriate intervals. Close together for the belt hanger, further apart for my hat hanger. Then I nailed through the predrilled holes for extra support. I don't want to assume an adhesive back is going to hold that well.

Here is my belt hanger with all of the hooks nailed on.

And here is all 3 hangers up on the wall. I just used screws to attach them to the wall. (Screw into studs or use anchors in the drywall, if the studs aren't in the right place.)
Now my hats go on the top two bars, and my belts and scarves on the bottom one. I should go get some more hangers and attach more to that blank piece of wood already in the closet. I could get another 5 hats on that!
I used 33 hooks (3 left) and paid under $5 if you don't count the wood scraps I had.
I will admit to not being ever so proud of this one because it's not beautiful, but I will also admit, I got what I wanted. A place to hang my belts and hats.
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May 9, 2008


This chair is a few years old now, but I wanted to share it, since the only place I have it online is a bit buried.

There are millions of chairs out there that need some loving and paint! This chair I painted red and then cut pieces of fabric to attach to the back rails. I made a patchwork cushion out of fabric that I cut up from clothes. I actually bought quite a few children's clothes from yard sales to do this. The tan curduroy I hunted all day for and found it at the last yard sale! Paid $1, for it. They were a pair of men's trousers. (I ended up getting a curtain making gig that paid me nicely by stopping at that yard sale.)

There are countless things you can do to an old chair, it seems the cheaper you buy them for, the more fun you have decorating them!!

It's a little bright, but I love this chair!
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Don't pass up a bargain when.... can alter it a little and achieve big results.

I went to a yardsale and bought a pillow for $2. This pillow would match a room I'm working on that will serve as a tv room/library. The colors in this room are sands, browns, and antique golds. This pillow would fit in there perfectly except for this tassle fringe looking a hot mess! (giggle giggle)

With the ever-altering mind I have, I decided the pillow fabric was too nice to pass up dispite this awful fringe! So, what did I do to get this result? All I did was cut all the hanging fringe off. It was a huge mess of little strings and took me about 20 minutes to get it all cut and pulled off, but the end result is this great pillow that I can include in my room and be happy that I paid 2 bucks for!! TFL :)

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