March 19, 2008

Window Wall

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I was always bugged by how dark our stairs were, and with all the doors closed upstairs, it was like walking UP into a dungeon. I’d love to have a window in the side of the house where the stairs are, but that’s a bit big and expensive.

I came up with this idea that if I created windows in the wall to the stairs, I could get some light up there! And it worked!

My photos aren’t too detailed, but I just basically found the studs in the wall, cut the drywall out on both sides, and then framed the studs with new drywall. This was part of a project where I was covering the orange-peel texture of the whole room anyway, so I had myself a huge mudding project.

The descending size is my favorite part. I’m totally pleased with the way it turned out.

Also, see that Walnut hand rail in the first photo? I bought a bundle of wood from a yard sale for $5 and in it was two huge pieces of oak hand rail. I cut them to length, bought new brackets to attach them, gave ‘em a stain, and put them up! The only hard part on that project, was using a hand saw to cut through that thick stuff!! It gave me a bloody nose!

If I had to relate this project to Scrappy stuff, I'd say, you can't be inspired without sunlight! Having light and airy rooms is very important!!! TFL.
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**** April **** said...

Wow... aren't you due to host your own show on TLC or something now after a project like that?! :)

~EssenseVibez~ said...

is this your new scraproom?...i'm so jealous!

reamin blessed!

Nettie said...

Totally a great look what a find in the walls. It went from plain to a wall that now makes a statement!


JenMarie said...


CKMommy said...

AWESOME! I love your ideas! Oh how I wish I could come up with ideas like this! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what a huge difference those openings make. Looks fabulous! Jen N

Beth said...

WOW!! That is flippin' awesome!