March 10, 2008

Well Hello There!

Those that know me, know I’m not the type to blog, and I don’t have blog-like-stuff to share. I do however have ideas. I’m constantly coming up with projects and ideas, some of which I execute, some I write down, and some I forget about. :P I decided to have a blog when I saw how much people were enjoying my projects on the blog I share with 11 friends: Outta This Funk. We call ourselves the Inspirational Team. Most of our projects are paper crafting related, and I’m honored to be associated with those girls.

In this blog I’m going to share my everyday projects and fun ideas that you might want to do/make yourself. Some of my projects involve changing something that already exists, and some I build from scratch. (btw, everyday projects is just an expression. A girl’s gotta go to work!)

I’m an “optimistic recycler” (that’s what I’ve decided to call it). I do try to recycle in general; plastic, aluminum, etc, but what I consider “optimistic recycling” is giving new life to an old thing. A Make-Over to something that is considered trash to someone else. Yep, I’m a big Yard Saler. That instantly paints a picture that I’m a bit of a junk hoarder. Nope, I’m not. My house isn’t full of junk and I only have about 5 unfinished projects in my garage that need me to find time for them (I can quickly think of 3). If I don’t have vision for a piece of junk, I pass it by. Maybe someone else will have vision for it.

I didn’t grow up spoiled, and it made me frugal. I marvel at the prices people are wiling to pay for some things. Sure you (me) can’t just build a widescreen TV, but things like those boxes to put under a front loading washer…. CRAZY MONEY. It’s a BOX! …Yes, I made my own. The washer and dryer cost enough, I wasn’t about to pay hundreds more to lift them up on a box. (If they were affordable, and sensibly priced, it might be different.)

This was longer than I intended, but maybe you’ll join in some of the fun and also become an optimistic recycler (OR). The next time DH tells you to throw something away, say “OR…. I could give it a make-over!”

Quickly before I go, don’t worry if you don’t have lots of tools at your disposal. I don’t. Sure I’d love a bunch more tools, but for now I use a jigsaw that I bought at a yard sale for $2 and looks like it was made in the 40’s. (It might be worth something to a jigsaw collector! ;P) I have a cheap drill and sander, and I go to my mom’s when I need to use a table saw. So don’t let the lack of tools stop you. Before you know it, you’re gunna Get Scatty!!!
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