March 11, 2008

Scatty Letters ;b

Since my banner is a little small, and it's hard to appreciate how cute the letters are, I'll share this little project I did to create my banner.

I called Mom and asked her if she had some thin strips of wood. (Mom makes bird houses.) If not I was fully prepared to go to HomeDepot and buy a strip of wood for like $2. I had already decided my letters would only be 6" tall because I wanted to use BasicGrey's Two Scoops 6 x 6 paper pad. Mom had a bunch of "stick like" wood, so I went over and cut myself a bunch of pieces.

I layed them side by side and painted the edges with watered down brown paint so that I could still have the wood grain showing through. (tip: I used a bottle of acrylic paint that was nearly empty, put some water in it, and shook it up. Much quicker than trying to mix paint and water in a cup or bowl.)
When they were dry, I layed them on the edge of the wrong side of paper, drew a pencil line around it, and cut it out.

Then I applied a liquid glue to the smothest side of wood using a paint brush and a tiny bit of water to make the glue smooth. (These were scraps of wood, with rough edges which I wanted to keep. I thought pretty paper on rough wood, attached with screws would look fun. But I did choose the smoother of the two sides to adhere my paper.)

Then I used an emery board to sand the edges of the paper and reveal the white core.

Then I used Clearsnap's Color Box Fluid Chalk Ink in Creamy Brown to ink the edges. I like the "lived in" look Creamy Brown gives to everything.
I bought a pack of 30 short wood screws to attach the wood pieces together. ($1.29 w/o tax from the hardware store.) I layed out my letter pieces, and drilled a pilot hole for the screws, and then screwed them in.

Because I didn't use glue, once the screws were in, I was able to move the pieces so they weren't perfectly parallel and perpendicular. This made it easy to give a little character to my G.

These "Two Scoops" are so tasty, here's a pile of 'em!

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