March 22, 2008

Old Window Frames for Picture Frames

I have three old window frames; one I bought at a yard sale, and two my mom gave me, given to her by a friend. These are fun to use and hang in your house if you have an eclectic style, country, or even shabby modern. They surprisingly fit in with many styles. (I'm no good at defining my style, I just know what I like. It's easiest that way.)

Usually old window frames like these need a bit of repair or reinforcement. This is easy with some small nails and wood glue. I would personally avoid gorilla glue, that isn't easy to hide if it drips, since there is no painting going on. I use picture wire and screw eyes to hang them.

This first one I filled with photographs of flowers I've taken. The panes are 8 x 12, so I easily had some photos enlarged for around $2 each.

This second one I cut thin pieces of board for each pane and covered them with wrapping paper. I then stippled some paint of pink, yellow and green lightly onto the flowers. It's so light you can't see it here, but it worked out cute. I made this frame first, it's been hanging in a bathroom for almost 2 years now, so I've decided to have some photos enlarged and replace these pieces of wrapping paper. This one I will fill with photos of cool buildings, instead of flowers. I have the photos chosen, I just need to get them printed.

The panes in this third frame are so long that I might end up doing something different. Yes, I think it would look real cool to have three long cropped photos in here, but I just don't know what theme. I'm currently trying to come up with an idea for it. Recently I saw an issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and there were some neat pieces of artwork that were mostly fabric and stitching. Lots of abstract fun stuff, so I kinda considered that.

If I put photos in this third frame, what should I photograph that would crop nicely long and narrow??? Any suggestions? Plus... with only 3 panes, there needs to be obvious cohesion.

There's loads of things you could do with old window frames:

*Put cork in each pane and use them for a family noteboard; different panes for different things. (shopping, errands, the kids sports games, postcards, business cards...etc.)

*Put metal sheets in each and use it for a magnet board in your craft room.

*Make a fun style of French noteboard, padding each section and running ribbon across it diagonally.

*Hang it on a wall and paint designs on the wall inside the panes.

*Use it for a family photo frame if you have the same number of family members as the window has panes.

*Make canvas' to put in each pane and paint still life onto them.

*Quilt mini coordinating squares! (this would be cute in a bedroom)

K, that's ideas for you, now if you have any for what I could photograph for my third window frame, I'm all ears.
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CKMommy said...

Nat~ first of all....can you come over to my house? I am in LOVE with all your fabulous ideas! You are simply, truly,completely AMAZING! You rock! Can't wait to see you again

Jen Gallacher said...

WOW! You scored on those windows. VERY COOL!! :)

Tammy Tutterow said...

Love it!

Stampin' Meg said...

oh wow- I love the floral one!!!

Anonymous said...

I like. Any ideas on what to paint behind a window frame? I'm not an artist so it would have to be pretty basic.

We have a huge windowless wall in our dining room that I'd like to place two old window frames on. Just need to know what to put behind them. Hate to leave them totally blank.

Unknown said...


Michelea said...

You could photograph some tall trees in the fall. That would look really pretty with the different colored leaves. And trees would be good for the long tall panes.