December 26, 2013

I Wanted Orange

I've been trying to incorporate orange into one area of my living space, doing a slow job of it, but finally had a good opportunity.
A couple of chairs came into my possession, but they were a color I do not care for. They had old lady written all over them, and since I really don't want to even teeter on 'old lady', I couldn't leave them alone.
Well, that and I'm Scatty... someone who can't leave anything alone anyway.

These are the chairs.

They had strange rails between the legs, that looked out of place to me, and since one of them was a bit on the broken side, I removed the rail from each of them... This meant I had to fill in the holes left behind.

So I started by taping off the legs so I could paint them white.

Then I took them outside, cut the right size holes in an old sheet, and taped the sheet on to protect the fabric from any overspray. I decided to make the legs white! This is after one coat...

So then I got this:
But I still wasn't ok to have the mauve color.
So, my plan...
I watered down orange paint, and used it like a stain on these velour wing backs.
Using a very stiff and artificial paint brush. I watered down paint to the color I preferred, and brushed it on. Here I made a splotch of wet paint so you could see how it was applied.

then I used my hand to rub it in AFTER using the brush as good as I could. Since they are velour, I didn't want the nap to be stiff with paint. Yes, I could have used a glove, but I rarely think of that before I get covered in paint. I worked IN the house on a big piece of cardboard.
Here is a pic of the two chairs side by side after I finished the first.
And here they sit in the room.
Everyone who sees the chairs, and hears they are painted -wants to know all about the paint... Well, there is a lot to say on this subject. I first tested oil based paint "watered down" with spirits. That was no good because it seemed to never dry, and the last thing I want is to have orange on clothes after sitting... So then I went to the store to buy some wall paint to water down. THIS is the ideal scenario.  Wall paint watered down will still be 'solid enough' for the wear and tear I want, and also not rub off. I happened to check the clearance section and they had a can of bright orange paint, so I came home with it, and found out it was ACTUALLY peach. I didn't want peach chairs, so in my keen-ness, I went the route that meant these are not totally colorfast. I used orange acrylic paint I already had. The only issue here is if someone sits in the chairs with wet clothes, the paint will likely rub off onto them a little.... UNLESS I give them a coat of waterbased clear coat, but I'm really too lazy to do that. Since I don't have children, and so few people come into my house with wet clothes, I'm good for now.

I hope I haven't left you saying: "but... but..." with questions. If I have, let me know.

I'm RATHER pleased with them. :)
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May 22, 2013

Me and chairs.... *rolls eyes*

I seriously think I might be at maximum chair-capacity in my house!  Just as I am with lamps! There are no more odd corners where a couple chairs could sit together for a quaint conversation area... (Oh wait, I can think of ONE. :-D )

The problem is I see two or three unloved chairs, I have a vision of their potential, and I can't resist doing something about the ugliness.
Even chairs want to be beautiful!!

I've ended up with two more chairs because I went to the Park City Recycle Center again, this time with my mom. She wants to make a potting-bench in her garden, and wants to include a sink in it. (not with running water) I had no intention of getting anything for a project, but there these two chairs sat, all ugly and only $5 each....  they were begging for my attention.
I must say that the style in my house is a bit modern, with some mid century modern pieces, so I tried to talk them out of wanting to be mine, since they are far more 70-80's. But as I kept insisting no, they kept insisting yes. So I caved in, admitting $10 was a good deal.

I am realizing that I often don't photograph process when I think everyone knows how to do it, but, I should.
Sorry, but this one doesn't have much process.
Turning the chairs over, I located the screws holding the cushions to the frames, there were 4, so I removed them. Then I sanded down the wooden chairs and painted them with spray paint in the color of white... slightly creamy... the name is escaping me, and I didn't save the can! (sorry)

Then I went through my fabric tubs to see what color I would incorporate in the chairs (considering orange in my head) and I found a couple great fabrics I bought over two years ago. I only purchased a yard of each because I had no reason to buy then other than I liked them. These were NOT upholstery fabrics, but simply a cotton... However.... because I have cats, and I hate cat's getting on my furniture, I always do that crazy cat lady thing and put a clear vinyl over my chair seats when I recover them. Cats hate laying on that stuff, so I use it. Which means the durability of a thin cotton fabric wouldn't be a factor since I would put vinyl over it anyway.
These fabrics were blue and brown. Two different patterns, but easily coordinate-able.

Next, I taped off the cane weave backs.

I wanted to "stain" this section to match the fabrics. I taped off the front and the back of the chair... watering down some water based paint.
(Tip* You can't use an oil based paint or "stain" to "antique" when you have painted with spray paint because spray paint is oil based. The one will kind-of wash-off the other. You always have to use the opposite. SO, IF I had painted the white chair with a water based paint, I would have to use an oil based paint to do my staining with.)

Then with a rag in hand, I painted on the watered-down paint, and wiped it off immediately... leaving the color to live in the grooves. Slightly hard to see here. I did this outside by the way... painting on a surface like cane is likely going to create spatter, and I'd rather worry about cleaning up paint from cement, than not knowing what it might have spattered in the house.

I did one chair blue, and one brown -to match the fabrics.

Then I covered the cushions after tearing off the old fabric. This is my least favorite part because of removing all the staples, and taking the time to staple the new fabric on smoothly. I didn't add the vinyl at the same time, I put the fabric on, THEN put the vinyl on. Yes this requires a lot of staples, and I prefer using my staple gun that attaches to my compressor. Hand staple guns love to go in crooked or not far enough. A pain in the neck.  Then I screwed the seats back onto the chairs.

I realize people are probably getting sick of seeing everything blue and brown as far as my projects go... SO, you might be interested to know I have been trying to incorporate ORANGE into my main kitchen/dining/family living space. It's slow but sure.
I will show you some orange projects in the near future. In the mean time, here are the finished chairs!

The fact they aren't mid-century modern doesn't matter so much since they seem to be cool hang'n out with my slightly eclectic modern style pieces.

A side note...
If you are a follower, you know that I started blogging "self improvement" posts a few months back.
I decided I would keep this blog for physical/home projects, and start a new one for the self improvement and thinking "stuff".
If you would be interested in reading: you can find me posting there far more regularly than I do here.
It's or
I'm spending lots of time finding new perspective these days, and needing an outlet for it. :-D
For now I will continue posting a project a month here on GetScatty.

Thanks for stopping by :)
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April 21, 2013

Pictures in Frames

 …finding ones that speak to you

You know how friends on fb share random pics of what they are doing? Well I have a friend that I don’t know well yet.(Tammy -full of great shares and humor.) One day, they were going bike riding, and she shared this Awesome Photo…

I messaged her asking if I could please have it!
The lines, the colors, all of it… spoke to me wanting to be framed and in my house!
I have a blue frame sitting empty waiting for me to find just the right pic. I will not admit how long it’s been empty, but I will say I can still count on one hand the lonely years it’s been incomplete and unloved.

Tammy took her pic with a cell phone, so the resolution wasn’t ideal for a 10x10” frame. 
What I usually do when that is the case, I play with it in Photoshop and add an effect!

Here is mine after adding aqua to the sky, applying a vignette, and playing around in the filter gallery:

And here it lives on the bottom shelf of a narrow side table in my front room.

Great Frame right?  These metal frames came from a Warehouse Sale at DCWV a few years ago. I looked around their website, but I can’t find they still have them. If anyone knows differently, maybe you could comment with info?

Anyway, I have a few in the house that I’ve filled with pictures that have meaning… old photos that speak to me.
Here is my older sister in my moms coat close to 40 years ago. (On the wall in my office.)

Here is my older sister and I…  Overly serious!   -Looks like an Instagram pic…

 Then I thought I’d throw in this last one, because this photo I also played around with to make it what I wanted. I took it on the beach in LA last summer… The gate had peachy paint peeling off, and I didn’t want that color, so I selected the gate and changed the color to green.

It's possibly time to get another print made. Nothing to say that a $9 expense can't be swapped out every 10-12 months right?

I used to have WAY too many pictures in frames throughout my house. I’ve toned it down, and I try to make sure the ones I do have like the room they live in.

Thanks for visiting ;)
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March 7, 2013

I Love Her.

A man who once was an Engineer is dying. He’s lived a long life, and might not reach his 95th birthday in a couple weeks. He survived the death of two wives, built the house he lives in, and has been one of the most capable individuals this planet has known. He’s my Grandpa.

He’s finally wearing out, and getting ready to take the next step in his existence.

A couple years ago my little sister moved in with him. She works full time, so she isn’t his care-er, but really, she is. She is the regular in his life. The one who has found him in a terrible state in the morning a few times. The one who knows exactly how he’s doing, how to do everything right, and the one who might just love him the most.
Caring for a person when you are a tender-heart, makes you love that person more. She has been the one to see and experience his rapid decline… while falling further in love.

Yesterday took a gruesome turn when he started coughing up blood. Normally he gets out of bed every day with help, to go sit in a chair. This day, not only could he not get out of bed, this man who never feels pain, and never complains, actually said in the throws of blood “I’m going to die”.

We arrived, he was comfortable. With only one eye and minimal hearing, my little sister knows where to position herself and how loud to speak so he can see and hear her.
My heart wanted to take a picture as she leaned down to his face and put her nose right in front of his so he could come forward and rub noses with her. Their regular way of kissing. (A nose with dried blood just inside it from his earlier horrific coughing spells.) Despite having so very little memory left, he knows her, he loves her, and he’s used to her.

Not having eaten anything this day, and up until this point not wanting to; my little sister went and got some applesauce. My older sister fed him. I sat as close as I could, stroking his hand and his head; smiling as big as I could so that his mind registered “happy”.
His memory is so short that a few times he looked around like he was just then seeing there were 5 of us in the room. My two sisters, my mother, and aunt.

What a dichotomy, wanting someone to pass away while they have loved ones surrounding them, vs wanting them to pass away in their sleep so the loved ones don’t have to have to witness it.  Only because some memories can be overly vivid for the rest of your life.
When Grandpa first took a bad turn, I went to see him, shouted my hello’s, and feigned “great” to see you. Nobody wants to see a sad face when a loved one looks at them.

Before I left, I crouched down and stroked his head. And in doing so, something happened to me… I saw his eyes close, the way a pet would at your loving touch, and he said “Thank you” as I stroked.

I realized in that moment, we don’t get too old to want a loving touch, to have your forehead stroked or kissed, or to feel someone’s loving hand on your skin.

Little sister is this person for him on a regular basis, and this warms my heart no end.

I think it’s possible some people don’t get to see what tender love looks like, the tiny beautiful things in life= the giant way a little love affects us. I say this about my grandpa receiving, and the rest of us giving.

Why did I feel the visit of us 5 girls as a beautiful thing and not a bad thing despite his skeletal frame, his bloody nose, and his liquid sounding cough?
I’ll tell you why --
Because the people in that room, especially the youngest one, love that man. They and want him to be comfortable. Giving him love through touch, smiles, and presence is what it’s about at this point. I hope his life is done, and suffering isn’t how his journey ends.

But if it’s not quite over, he has my little sister around, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have by my side if I were dying. She’s beautiful to the core.

Photos are all courtesy of my little sisters instagram where she regularly shares how much she loves him with her friends. 
Today when I asked for an update, she sent this:
"A little worse, hardly responds to me and just staring into thin air. He has been in a little pain so I gave him a tiny bit of pain meds and it's seemed to calm him down."

March 31, 1918 - March 10, 2013

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February 18, 2013

Being Genuine …or not.

I have to admit… as much as I don’t want to look or feel old physically, getting older is awesome!
I am having the time of my life learning countless things. Maybe we all learn at a different pace based on our experiences, but when you reach a point that your learning (about anything/everything) speeds up dramatically, you suddenly love life.  I wouldn't go back 20 years for all the money in the world.

I hope that from this moment forward I never stop learning. That I continue having epiphanies; learning about people, learning who I am, and finding all of it interesting.

One of the things I’m seeing at this age is Genuineness. All around me people are showing me how genuine or unauthentic they are. The obviousness of it is amazing. Like suddenly some people have a purple head, and others a blue one... how this level of clarity is only finally reaching me I am not sure, but I will run with it.

I had a conversation with a friend today. As I hung up I felt like writing about it. The relationship I have with that friend is one of comfort. Neither of us have any reason to be uncomfortable when we speak. We don’t have to think of things to say, we don’t/won’t feel awkward or unauthentic with one another over anything. This Genuineness we share has everything to do with feeling secure and knowing the other person will not harm, will not judge, will not upset, will ONLY care and love.

This is what is missing from most relationships in life. Either we don’t know this can be the case, or people won’t allow it to be the case. I say won’t allow because they refuse to be safe… authentic… honest. All things that end up getting you to “genuine”.

If you find yourself NOT benefiting from genuine relationships, lock your ego in the cellar for a few minutes, and ask, are YOU genuine? Are YOU preventing genuine relationships? If you think you might not be genuine, you are truly missing out…

So next (still with ego safe in the cellar) Ask yourself what you might need to change about you… what qualities could be stopping you from having genuine comfortable relationships with people? THEN…. If you are brave enough to just answer that question, consider whether or not you might be brave enough to Change. (Maybe keeping that ego locked in the cellar forever is the best way to start)

I truly believe that liking who you are, and being the person you want to be, with the qualities you can admire in yourself, is the first step in being genuine so you can enjoy genuine interaction and relationships.

If you do this, and others do it, imagine the incredible life that can be lead…. Truly, just imagine the pleasure you get out of your everyday interactions if we all do this.

Without meaning to create an example, I did something today, and after realized I should share it.
I sent this email via “contact us” on a blog I really enjoy.

I wrote:
“I know that nobody needs little ol me to say how wonderful they are...
But I'm aware, that appreciation is appreciated.

So I just want to say:
You're wonderful... I need people like "you" sharing this planet.
Grateful you are here, doing all the wonderful things you do....
Your work is Enjoyable and Beautiful and Meaningful!!!!
Much love and Respect to "you"... however many of you that is.”

I have reached a point in my life where I like me. I am genuine. I want to be happy, I want others to be happy, and in living like this, genuineness comes out of me…

Then… I affect others. I am sure, that my words to “contact us” need to be read by someone. There will never be too many kind words spoken, too much respect given, too much enjoyment voiced…
Correct me if you experience too much of these things in your life. I bet you don’t.

Be someone you like, interact with people you like; the genuineness is delicious. 
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February 7, 2013

Project Me

For so long my projects have all centered around my house. Paint, plaster, décor, and a bargain… The last few months, my projects turned inward and I have been mainly working on me.

Facing fears, finding words, figuring out who I am, and learning… Ya ‘growing’ is the annoying word for it, but genuinely, it all boils down to that… when you go through hard stuff, you grow.
I’m bigger, wiser, happier, and becoming more whole.

Anyone who has never had to experience feeling incomplete is lucky on one hand… it’s a painful place to be, but anyone who has had to experience feeling incomplete, and got to learn from it; becoming more whole… well, that person is the most lucky.

That perspective is like money in the bank, money that doesn’t diminish, cause you get to benefit from it again and again, creating new and better perspective.

I’m not kidding when I say my projects have turned inward. I literally have left my tools feeling extremely neglected. I’m spending a lot of time writing. Finding words for all the stuff I’m feeling, and finding a whole new hobby in getting to know myself and growing. Ya, the older I get the more corny I sound.
* So...
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January 8, 2013

Verify your blog with Pinterest

You may have seen Pinterest notify you that you can verify your website (blog) now, which will generate more branding for you....
I tried to follow the process, found it very confusing since I had no idea what "Add this tag to the head of your index file" actually meant.

Well, after googling help, and finding some frustrating instructions, I finally found one that worked!
So.... in case you see this, and want to do it without being frustrated, I'm going to share the link to the wonderful clear explanation.

(Since I'd already had a few failed attempts, I used the advice of adding it right below the opening tag. That's what worked for me finally.)

Thanks Jamie!!!

AND now I totally know what "Add this tag to the head of your index file" means!!!
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December 30, 2012

Not like we need more fun stuff to make, but....

My friend Krystal, needed to come up with a gift for a co-worker. Like the smarty-pants she is, Krystal went looking at that co-workers pinterest boards. She found something that the lady had recently pinned and would be fun to make!  While she was at it, she decided to make more than one for Christmas presentsJ

So this post is not made by me, just written and photographed by me.
Since last years Christmas time project was also inspired from a pinterest image, I thought I'd stick with that theme. The so many great people with great ideas theme...

Since it’s always handy to have more than one reference before doing a project, here’s where the idea came from:

Keep in mind, the type of candy and style of the ribbon can be changed to suit the current holiday... So this isn't just a Christmas idea!

This project uses: 4" Clay Pots, 5" Clay Saucers, Glass Bowls, Wooden Knobs, Ribbon, & Spray Paint. Oh ya, and some glue. Krystal Used E6000.
Click on Read More:
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November 28, 2012

So many great things get shared

If your're a regular to fb, (which I am, and hate admitting) you no doubt have countless inspirational sayings you come across that you share, but just get buried on your wall.

I have realized that since there is no image folder for the things we share, I could keep track of all these great sayings if I were to save each of them and then post them as though they were mine.  So, ya... I don't.
I have to scroll through my timeline and find them if I want to remind myself of these great images and cool epiphanies someone had and turned into a graphic.

Yes, there is also Pinterest, but that too would mean effort and I just never have time to prioritize fb "images".

Once in a while you come across a gem that speaks to you. This saying spoke to me, and frankly I don't have reason. ~ I just like it!
It says:
"Lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there and shine."

I chose a font that fit the saying, and I laser printed it on plain old white paper, in a size that looked right. (Lucky for me, the size I guessed was the right size on the sixth try... jk, it took me two goes.) Then instead of having any straight edges, i cut out all the words with curves just like this.
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October 27, 2012

Seeing the Potential

I've said before I can't leave anything alone... and while that's not entirely true, it is for all the cheap things I manage to get my hands on.

Everything in this image was cheap, and 5 of the things are different now than when they started.
Frames painted white, dresser stained with handles painted, lamps painted, decorative circles painted green, and flowers totally altered.

This next pic is kind-of a before pic, although I didn't get all the frames in the shot. I had 8 white empty frames on the wall. Dresser off center because of a heater vent, and this little arrangement in the middle... which I'm quite fond of.
This post is specifically about the flowers...
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